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Windows Bug: WAB UI may update incorrect properties. Leads to data corruption.


For multi-node values such as Name, PhoneNumber, and EmailAddress, the MAPI UI may read and write to different nodes if a node other than the first contains the "Preferred" label.
NameCollection/Name[1] - FormattedName = "First Name" and the node has no labels
NameCollection/Name[2] - FormattedName = "Preferred Name" and the node has the "Preferred" label.
If you open this contact with the MAPI UI it properly displays "Preferred Name" as the contact's name.
If you modify the FormattedName in the UI and save it, it incorrectly modifies the node NameCollection/Name[1]. From the user's perspective the property cannot be changed.
This can happen with any multi-node property. For the home phone number, the labels must look like:
PhoneNumberCollection/PhoneNumber[1] - labels of "Personal", "Voice"
PhoneNumberCollection/PhoneNumber[2] - labels of "Personal, "Voice", "Preferred"
Closed May 31, 2011 at 9:15 PM by JoeCastro
This is very likely not getting fixed by Windows. It's not worth tracking in this project.