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Windows Bug: Inconsistent results when using IContactPropertyCollection


This is a bug in Windows. If you'd like to see this bug fixed in Windows please vote for it.
IContactProperties::GetPropertiesCollection yields inconsistent results on a walk depending on whether it was instantiated by a contact that has been modified in memory at the time of the GetPropertiesCollection call. Some of the differences for the include:
  • The modified-propertyCollection skips over values under simple-extension nodes
  • Different behavior when specifying nodes, rather than collections as the filter.
  • Different behavior when specifying label filters.
  • Different behavior with invalid collection filters, e.g. " " or "Foo".
    The Contacts.Net library has worked around this by always creating a copy of the contact and loading the property collection from that. It's arguable for any of the differences which implementation is behaving correctly, but at the .Net layer the discreprancies are hidden to callers.
Closed May 31, 2011 at 9:17 PM by JoeCastro
This is very likely not getting fixed by Windows. It's not worth tracking in this project.